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Gate Valves

GNB round valves are fabricated from stainless steel or mild steel.
Options include:

  • Actuation: Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic, Manual
  • Flanges: ASA, ISO, Conflat, Custom Designed
  • Shaft Seal: Dual O-rings, Bellows
  • Water Cooling: Flanges, Body, Gate
  • Ports: Roughing, Gauge, View

Vacuum Service Valves

GNB gate valves have been providing reliable long term service to customers for 40 years. Continual improvements in design improve life and reduce cost. Unique to the industry, all GNB gate valves seal both ways against full atmosphere pressure differential. Explanation of sealing both ways.

GNB has long been recognized as a supplier of value engineered, cost-effective chambers with reliable vacuum integrity and strength. We are capable of building round valves of any complexity.

Our technical sales staff can get GNB’s engineering involved early in the design process. GNB has experience in design applications ranging from the R&D phase into high production.

Our range of High Vacuum Gate Valves is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in various vacuum applications. These valves, known for their robustness and precision, are ideal for creating and maintaining a high vacuum environment. Their advanced design ensures reliable operation, making them a top choice for industry professionals.

The Vacuum Service Valves we offer are crafted with excellent standards of quality and efficiency in mind. They are designed to be versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of vacuum applications. Whether it’s for research, industrial, or commercial use, our vacuum service valves stand out for their durability and optimal functionality.

In terms of Vacuum Gate Valve Design, our products are at the forefront of innovation. Our design philosophy emphasizes efficiency and ease of use, ensuring our valves seamlessly integrate into existing setups and cater to the diverse requirements of our clientele. This approach guarantees user-friendliness and versatility in meeting various needs.

Our range of Vacuum Gate Valves is the pinnacle of engineering brilliance. Each valve is meticulously tested to guarantee superior performance under various conditions. With a focus on longevity and reliability, our vacuum gate valves are an investment in quality that pays dividends in performance and durability. Choose our vacuum gate valves for a solution that combines state-of-the-art design with unwavering functionality.

Designed to protect internal mechanism from process exposure.

Designed for small spaces.

For better understand valve models

GNB standard gate valves are built up to 72 inches (~2m) with linear actuation and 35 inches (90cm) in cross actuation.

Large gate valve

52″ Gate Valves

Valve 3

6″ Protective Guard Ring Valves

Cross Actuation Valve

Cross Actuation Valve

Half Open Protective Guard Ring Valve

Half Open Protective Guard Ring Valve

Standard Gate Valve

Standard Gate Valve

PMG : Protective Metal Guardring – Designed to protect internal mechanism from process exposure.