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We offer a variety of vacuum system components, vacuum fittings, and vacuum valves. Our long list of vacuum isolation valves, vacuum gate valves, vacuum angle valves, vacuum poppet valves, vacuum slit valves, vacuum water-cooled valves, and vacuum throttling valves are complemented by a complete line of vacuum adapters, vacuum hoses, vacuum feedthroughs, vacuum nipples, and vacuum flanges (ISO, ANSI, ASA, JIS, ConFlat, CF, KF, and NW). Our vacuum valves work reliably without vacuum lubricants, vacuum greases, and vacuum sealants.



We offer customizable vacuum chamber options as well as a wide range of standard vacuum chambers. Our vacuum chambers offer controlled vacuum environments and are utilized in a variety of tasks, including, but not limited to degassing, environmental testing, vacuum atmosphere simulations, semiconductor processing, vacuum heat treatment, leak testing, ingot and crystal growing, drying, distillation, gravity determination, cyclotrons, synchrotrons, hyperloop transportation, linear accelerators, permeability testing, and vacuum coating systems.



We manufacture a variety of vacuum flange components and flanges such as vacuum hoses, vacuum feedthroughs, vacuum nipples, vacuum flanges (ISO, ANSI, ASA, JIS, ConFlat, CF, KF, and NW), crosses, centering rings, copper gaskets, nipples, half-nipples, tees, elbows, viewports, flex bellows, metal hose, and more. We also sell vacuum gaskets, vacuum tube fittings, vacuum hardware, vacuum o-ring gaskets, vacuum plate nuts, vacuum bolts, vacuum adapters, and more. Many of these products are in stock and ready to ship.



We offer a variety of cryo products, including Meisner coils, cryo-coils, cryo panels, liquid nitrogen traps, multi-coolant baffles, vacuum baffles, and more. You can use our cryo products in systems designed for water, liquid nitrogen, liquid helium or cryo-compressor coolants.



We have various high vacuum accessories available that can be used such as electrical feedthroughs, foreline traps, vacuum valves, viewports, stroboscopes, selenium traps, vacuum tubing, sanitary tubing, sanitary fittings and oil traps. If you are looking for commercial fittings, bends, or tubing, we likely have what you are looking for.



Our vacuum tubing meets BPE, sanitary and ASME requirements. It can be used in high-purity and corrosive atmospheres, various temperatures, and a multitude of chemicals. It can be utilized with vacuum condensers, vacuum pumps, vacuum traps and vacuum pressure pumps.



GNB manufactures a wide selection of high purity pumps, tubing, fittings, and adapters that can handle harsh environments and still provide accurate and reliable results.

pumps and leak DETECTORS

Pumps and

We are experts in finding and eliminating leaks, and that is why we offer various products that can help detect vacuum leaks. Bundled with a vacuum chamber, we offer dry screw pumps, scroll pumps, pump-blower packages and other equipment that is a must for the cleanliness, safety, and performance of a vacuum system. Our vacuum pump and leak detection products and accessories are high quality and highly reliable!