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Custom Features

High and Ultra High Vacuum Chambers: GNB has long been recognized as a supplier of value engineered, cost-effective chambers with reliable vacuum integrity and strength. We are capable of building high vacuum chambers of any complexity.

​Involve the GNB engineering staff early in the design process. We have experience in design applications ranging from the R&D phase into high production.

​GNB high vacuum chambers are fabricated from stainless steel, mild steel or other alloys. Water cooling is available through either water channel or double walled construction. All GNB chambers are performance tested.

​Specially trained technicians inspect for conformance, assemble and Mass Spectrometer leak test to specification. A Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) scan can be plotted, printed and included as part of the certification process.

Vacuum Gate Valves: If one of our broad selection of standard designs does not meet your needs, we will produce one that does. Our custom valves include those with unusual cooling or control requirements, gross debris rejection, various aperture geometries, or valves with special internal shielding. Actuation: Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic, Manual


  • Flanges: ASA, ISO, Conflat, Custom Design
  • Shaft Seal: Dual O-rings, Bellows
  • Water Cooling: Flanges, Body, Gate
  • Ports: Roughing, Gauge, View

High Temp – Water Cooled Designed to operate in high temperatures
Options include water cooled gates, flanges and body Internal shielding


  • ​High Temperature furnace application
    • Mild steel body, Stainless steel gate
    • Fully water cooled (body, gate, feedthrough)
    • Electric motor drive
    • 76 x 79-inch (1930 x 2010-mm)
  • Solar in-line production applications
    • Stainless steel Electro-polished 1 x 11-inch (25 x 279-mm)


  • Water Cooling Channel
  • Double wall Cooling
  • Custom ports
  • Custom interior and exterior finishes
  • Single of multiple door access
  • Carts,Stands
  • Design Service