The various uses of a KF flange

by | May 1, 2023 | Blog


A KF (Klein Flansch) flange is a versatile and reliable type of vacuum flange widely used in vacuum applications. KF flanges are known for their small size, high-quality sealing, and modular design, making them perfect for leak-tight sealing and easy assembly of vacuum systems.

Furthermore, KF flanges are suitable for partial vacuum applications, have high gas throughput, and are ideal for use in clean environments, such as semiconductor manufacturing. With their multiple benefits, KF flanges are commonly used in research, industrial and medical applications, and are an essential component for creating and maintaining a vacuum in a variety of situations.

Below are just some of the common uses for a KF flange.

Connecting vacuum chambers or components

Connecting vacuum chambers or components is a crucial step in building a vacuum system for various applications, ranging from research to industrial processes. For optimal performance and reliability, it is essential to choose the right type of vacuum flange to ensure leak-tight sealing and efficient gas handling. One of the most widely used vacuum flange types is the KF flange.

These flanges, which are made from stainless steel, aluminum or other materials, are designed to create a vacuum-tight junction between two or more components, such as a vacuum chamber and a vacuum pump. The design of KF flanges allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it an ideal choice for those who want to build a modular vacuum system that can easily be upgraded or modified.

One of the primary advantages of using KF flanges is their excellent sealing properties. These flanges rely on a flexible rubber ring (sometimes called O-ring or a Centering Ring) inserted between two mating flanges that provides a leak-tight seal by compressing the elastomer O-ring located inside the flange. This arrangement ensures that any gases or fluids present in the vacuum system are contained and cannot leak out, ensuring optimal performance.

Partial vacuum applications

Partial vacuum applications are those that require the creation of a vacuum environment where the pressure is below atmospheric, but not extremely low, typically ranging from 10-2 Torr to 100 Torr. To create a partial vacuum, it is important to use the right dimensions and type of vacuum flange, and a KF flange is often the best choice due to its modular design, leak-tight sealing, various dimensions and high gas throughput.

High gas throughput

High gas throughput is a critical requirement in many vacuum applications, from semiconductor manufacturing to material science research. The ability to handle a high volume of gas flow allows for faster processing times, improved efficiency and overall better performance. One type of vacuum flange known for its high gas throughput is the KF flange.

These flanges are specifically designed to handle a greater volume of gas flow than other types of flanges, such as CF (ConFlat) or ISO flanges. This makes KF flanges an ideal choice for applications where rapid gas handling is required, such as in vacuum-coating systems or molecular beam epitaxy experiments.

Use in clean environments 

Clean environments are essential in many industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The smallest particle or contamination can impact the quality of the final product, making it necessary to use clean and reliable components. One such component is the stainless or aluminum KF flange, which is widely used in clean applications where cleanliness is critical.

Research applications

Research applications often require specialized equipment that can simulate various conditions and environments. One such aspect of research equipment is the need for building a vacuum chamber that can create a controlled environment for testing materials and components. KF flanges are commonly used in research applications, as they offer reliable and leak-tight sealing when used in vacuum chambers to simulate various conditions under vacuum.

KF flanges are often made from stainless steel, a material that is durable and does not contaminate the environment. KF flanges are known for their excellent sealing properties, making them ideal for experimental setups where minimal leaks are necessary. KF flanges can create and maintain different vacuum levels, making them useful for a variety of research applications, such as physical sciences, nanotechnology and material science experiments.

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