The ‘Attainable Triangle’ of high quality, competitively priced and quickly delivered vacuum hardware

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Blog

The ‘Attainable Triangle’ of high quality,

Is it possible to have it all?

Is it possible to purchase vacuum hardware of the highest quality that’s both quickly delivered and competitively priced?

There’s some who believe that high-quality vacuum flanges and fittings promptly delivered will inevitably come at a much higher price than the alternative. The “Unattainable Triangle,” as this scenario is commonly referred to as, presupposes that companies that deliver on this trifecta of high-quality product, price and delivery are eventually bound for failure given its unsustainability as a business model.

GNB Corp, however, is on an elevated playing field, capable of handling the demands of customers who believe they can have it all.

Our high-quality products, large-scale production, precision, large inventory, massive manufacturing floor space and top-of-the-line equipment (pictured below) position us above the rest. This is the “Attainable Triangle.”

The ‘Attainable Triangle’ of high quality,

The ‘Attainable Triangle’ of high quality,

Our standard components (vacuum flanges, fittings, hoses, ball valves and more), which come out of this process, are copy-exact, produced with advanced equipment and designed by top engineers in the vacuum industry. The result is high-quality products, every time. Because of GNB Corp’s ability to mass produce, stock a large inventory and have unequalled capacity, we can ship products in a timely manner – even with slight modifications.

GNB Corp has a proven track record of creating large custom products for science and industry (including space exploration). Now, we offer a vast array of smaller components for semiconductor fabs and other sectors. For more than 51 years, we’ve built trust through our high-quality products and our ability to offer them in a timely fashion, and at a competitive price.

So, whether we’re designing a custom system for a component for a satellite that orbits Earth, or developing a product solution to meet space constraints inside a fab, we are unmatched and unequaled in satisfying customer needs.

From the moment we learn of the challenge facing our customers, through the process of problem solving, conceptualizing, engineering and manufacturing, GNB Corp is squarely focused on creating outstanding products that exceed customer expectations.

There’s really nothing we cannot achieve. If you have a vision, then we have a solution ready to come to life.

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