GNB specializes in large OD vacuum weldments

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Blog

GNB specializes in large OD vacuum weldments

GNB is proud to offer outstanding vacuum products and support that meets the demands of your vacuum technology needs.

Many companies provide weldments for vacuum tubing and gas line applications, and the KL group has excellent capabilities to design and manufacture these products.

Here in California, the GNB Corporation (a KL Group subsidiary) is exceptionally qualified to manufacture large OD tubing weldments.

How We Do It

The KL Group is vertically integrated and owns companies that manufacture vacuum flanges, weld fittings and ultrapure polished tubing. At GNB we stock a wide variety of these items and then upon request we can perform the cutting, machining and welding to combine these standard components into a custom weldment.

GNB’s state-of-the-art equipment and cleanroom are used to manufacture these large OD weldments with first-class precision and quality. In addition, our team uses both manual and automated welding, resulting in high-quality weldments of nearly any configuration.

Full traceability is provided. The tubing is manufactured to BPE specifications and many of the components are qualified at the major semiconductor manufacturing companies.


Our customers can have it their way—we make weldments to match their specifications. This includes configurations with various sizes, angles, flanges and fittings. Large OD weldments are often used in the pumping lines on vacuum systems. Common applications include uses for the semiconductor industry, as well as the food, medical, pharmaceutical and general vacuum sectors.

Our high standards for quality and performance are second to none. Our team can help determine the proper parameters for your specific application. We also ensure that all customers can obtain the best value for their customized orders, so they say, “Wow” when the process is complete. Whatever your needs, please contact us today to learn more about our various vacuum applications and components.