GNB Innovation Labs releases new ISO 80 Gate Valve

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Blog

GNB Innovation Labs releases new ISO 80 Gate Valve

GNB Innovation Labs is proud to announce the brand-new ISO 80 gate valve. The ISO 80 gate valve often is used on the roughing line of a vacuum chamber and is able to be operated with differential pressure across the gate. This month, this product is being revealed for the first time to the public and we have already had a lot of demand for it. This gate valve features the extremely reliable and robust internal mechanism that is common throughout many of the GNB valves. With a high cycle life, you can expect that it will operate well over one million cycles!

The new addition to our lineup of products aligns with GNB’s mission to provide specialty vacuum products, components, and surface finishes that meet our customers’ needs and precise specifications. Our goal is to make our customers say, “Wow!” and this ISO 80 Gate Valve is doing just that.

This is just one valve in the complete lineup of GNB valves from 3 inches to 150 inches. In the past, we’ve been known as the big valve guys, and for good reason. Our large valves are known internationally, but we also manufacture a full range of vacuum equipment and hardware, including, but not limited to:

  • Cryo Products
  • Chambers
  • Accessories
  • Fittings
  • Flanges; and
  • Valves

GNB is a world-class vacuum hardware manufacturing organization and a market leader for large-size, high-temperature gate valves, valves for highly contaminated environments, valves integrated into systems, and valve customization. With ISO 9000-certification and ASME U-stamp certification, GNB specializes in vacuum valves, angle valves, ball valves, vacuum chambers, and vacuum hardware accessories, including KF flanges, CF flanges, ISO flanges and vacuum fittings.

Our ambitious standards for quality and performance is second to none. We want to hit that high mark with every product we produce. We’ve done that here with the newly introduced ISO 80. To watch a product demonstration, click here.