COVID-19 should not be an excuse for companies

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Blog

COVID-19 should not be an excuse for companies

I recently coined the phrase “COVID Incompetence,” meaning that the COVID-19 virus has become a convenient excuse by many companies for their lack of performance. Please don’t misunderstand me, COVID-19 is a real challenge and it has caused many disruptions to our lives. However, I believe the time has come when we should move beyond using the pandemic as an excuse for not shipping on time and for not performing up to our expected level of excellence.

We’re living in a new normal and businesses and industries must adapt.

For more than seven months, we’ve all had time to make necessary adjustments to our personal lives and our business practices.

Looking back, we know it is clear the companies with determination are the ones getting through this. And as we continue on the road of uncertainty, all companies and industries must understand what it takes to march ahead with new plans and processes while keeping each other safe.

Early on during the pandemic it was a valid excuse for schedule or delivery slips in production. Now, since we have all had more than half a year to adjust and plan accordingly, I believe most companies have had enough time to adapt and once again be able to keep their commitments.

GNB Corporation is no exception.

Here at GNB, we have a motto of, “The Atmosphere of Excellence,” which our organization embraces every day.

We embrace the challenges and demands of being a leader in specialty vacuum products and components that are free of contaminants and leaks. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Here’s how we kept moving ahead and continued to embody our motto of excellence in 2020.

Early on, our company implemented a comprehensive employee safety plan. Our employees are our most valuable resources and their safety is paramount.

Instead of being reactionary or overacting to our own detriment, we took measured actions to keep the workflow moving smoothly. This included working remotely, staying up to date on government incentives and regulations, planning for possible scenarios and staggering work schedules so our employees could work in a safe environment.

With a clientele based around the globe, we understood and prepared for any disruptions to demand, too.

Adhering to the guidance of key industry metrics, our company stayed a step ahead and continued to offer vacuum components to satisfy demand at any given moment.

From the onset, GNB Corporation was tapped as an essential business because we help manufacturer vacuum components that are used to make COVID-19 test kits and to perform COVID-19 vaccine research. We are also lending a hand to other sectors in military defense and medical products. Our collective resources and teamwork matter more than ever as we fight back to slow the pandemic’s toll.

Relentlessly working together and working differently, we are demonstrating what’s possible.

Our precision and success in creating world-class vacuum products is a reflection of our internal passion to do our very best.

After ensuring the health and safety of our employees, we are diligently working to prioritize our capacity and our ability to produce at a level that meets our customers’ needs.

Our ability to navigate the challenges unfazed is a testament to our incredible staff, their deep expertise in constructing high-quality vacuum products and their belief in what’s possible. Through excellence in design, production, service and attention to detail in this unprecedented time, our customers know they can count on us to deliver a product of unmatched craftsmanship.

These are challenging and disruptive times, but for GNB COVID-19 is no longer a valid excuse. Our reputation has come too far to compromise.

I understand that many people have been affected. To those who have loved ones who have passed, I offer my heart-felt sympathy. To those who have been ill, I am grateful for your recovery.

Different industries have also been impacted by the pandemic in different ways. For those companies that have not made it, I offer my deepest condolences. For the struggling companies that are still around, I understand the pain and struggles, but I also offer words of encouragement. Let’s agree together to put the “COVID Incompetence” behind us — no more excuses. It is time to be agile and move ahead with a positive and productive attitude.

GNB Corporation is stiving to be an example to the world on how to adapt and be at our best regardless of the challenges. We have made the decisions that will keep business moving forward.

Meeting the needs of our clients is of prime importance to us so they can do the same for their customers. We are committed to moving beyond the problem to be a part of the solution. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, our commitment and integrity to our customers remains unchanged and is as strong as ever.