5 mistakes we should all try to avoid in 2021

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Blog

5 mistakes we should all try to avoid in 2021

Entering a new year is an opportunity for fresh ideas and new beginnings.

But 2021 is no ordinary year. We are living under new operating procedures in everything we do — from work to school to grocery shopping.

A return to the way things were pre-pandemic remains a distant goal even as vaccinations roll out. As we adopt this new normal, we must not fall into the traps of 2020 by letting limitations shape our world.

Mistake #1 – Fail to make a plan

Uncertainty may lead individuals into a state of inertia.

Now is not the time to fear the future by standing still. You can mold what the future looks like by planning for it.

As we have always heard: Not planning is a plan to fail. The audacity to chart your next moves gives you the flexibility to change course if necessary. But you cannot even begin your journey, and have an opportunity to make adjustments, if you don’t start planning.

Mistake #2 – Assume life will return back to normal

I am not a pessimist, but the reality is that the Coronavirus is going to stick around for some time. We must anticipate that this is a new global normal.

While vaccines and other measures will help, they are not a panacea. And the road to recovery is still quite long. That is why we must plan accordingly and understand the parameters set before us. With that mindset, we can tackle the future without being held back.

Mistake #3 – Assume business opportunities will shrink

Let’s not assume that it will be difficult to conduct business and take on new opportunities.

Certainly, there are economic shifts that have overly stressed and burdened certain sectors. Other portions of the U.S. economy are doing very well with room for growth. Under these circumstances, it’s incumbent upon us to constantly reach for new opportunities and focus on the bigger picture. Our vision for the future and the recognition of potential opportunities orient our decision-making and planning for the better.

Mistake #4 – Allow COVID-19 to become an excuse

This pandemic is horrific and is consequential. Yet, we cannot let it be an excuse for not doing our very best.

It’s challenging enough for many businesses to succeed so we must stay resolved and go about our work with confidence. It can be easy to make COVID-19 into an excuse, and many times it has been a legitimate excuse. Every business has felt that pain or has fallen behind because of this pandemic.

At GNB Corporation, we will press forward and continually strive for excellence in everything we do despite the circumstances.

Mistake #5 – Let today’s uncertainty cause undue harm

A new year is a time for optimism and hope for better times ahead, even after a dismal 2020.

As we look forward, measure today’s uncertainty without triggering unnecessary angst or frustration. Instead, let it be an opportunity to look toward the future and to find solutions rather than revisiting old wounds.

So, go outside and soak in sunshine. Be mindful of what you put on your plate and how much you sleep. Eat healthier, but also splurge. While these are little things, they will add up to a more positive mindset.

Most of all, we ought to take care of one another. Someone is in need. And we have a duty to reach out and check in with our friends, family, co-workers and customers. Let’s not become self-centered or turn away from others during this challenging time. This new year is a time for renewal of not only ourselves but of the world around us. Think about each other’s needs and then act. We will be stronger for it.

In 2021, I hope that you continue to rely on GNB Corporation as a leader in specialty vacuum products and components. The world is moving ahead and we want to be there for you when you seize your opportunity with courage and without looking back.