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The Most Trusted High Vacuum Chamber Supplier In The Bay Area

The Top High Vacuum Chamber Supplier In The Bay Area

Best Quality, Huge Stock, Great Prices: WOW! At GNB Corporation we specialize in angle valves, vacuum valves, vacuum chambers, ball valves, ultra high vacuum chambers, vacuum hardware, ISO flanges, KF flanges, fittings and more! From the simplest vacuum flanges to the most complex vacuum chamber, GNB is the most trusted name in the San Jose region for a wide range of high vacuum hardware needs. Plus, we offer customizable vacuum chamber methods and a variety of standard vacuum chambers.

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About Our Vacuum Chambers And Vacuum Products

GNB Corporation is an internationally recognized manufacturer of vacuum products. We serve a variety of industries, including research, science, cancer treatment, semiconductors, space exploration, direct manufacturing, solar and more! Our controlled vacuum environments are applied in environmental testing, semiconductor testing, leak testing, atmosphere simulations, gravity determination, linear accelerators and more.

Some of the Benefits of Using Us:

Over 50 Years in Business

ISO-9000 Certified

ASME U-Stamp Certified

Complete Customization Options

Proven Track Record of High Quality

20,000 Square Feet of Floor Space

We Can Make Huge Vacuum Chambers

Reasonable Prices

Advantorr Products Available

Our Products



A wide range of vacuum fittings, vacuum valves, and vacuum system components.



Completely customizable vacuum chamber options in addition to vacuum chambers that are standard.


Flanges & Fittings

Manufacture a plethora of vacuum feedthroughs, hoses, flanges centered rings, flex bellows, viewports and more.

In addition, we offer vacuum accessories, tubing, cryo products, high purity and pumps and leak detectors.

We look forward to wowing you!